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Used by over 50 companies from around the globe. Big or small, there's a reason why we're trusted as the number one solution.


Using the latest techniques and other neat tools we have the knowhow and power to make your online endevour successful.


Supported by all devices, make your site really pop no matter where it's viewed from. With instant access for you to update it on the fly.


Welcome to Element Softworks, we are a registered development company aimed at bridging the gap of going from the drawing board to full production of the final solution operating from over four continents. We design, we developer, we deliver.

Ready for the job

Whether it be website production, software programming, media designs or anything in between. Our multi-national team are ready and willing to provide clients with the perfect development team that they need to get their project of the ground.

From start to end

Whatever your project is, Element Softworks was founded with the believe to provide an all round experience to our clients, leaving you to manage your business while the technical side is taken care of at every aspect from planning to production.

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If you're interested knowing more, checkout our team of talented individuals, or alternatively there is always our services page to see how we can help you. View our clients and past work if you're interested in seeing how we work.

Luke J Brown
UK, Managing Director & Web Developer

Since the start of this decade, Luke has been a full stack freelancer developer and systems administrator fresh out of college determined to use his skills with a talent team to become a reliable name across the globe for a range of businesses.

Now He oversees projects at Element Softworks along with working on many of the web solutions for clients as primarily a front end and PHP developer. He shares a passion for traveling and motorbikes along with many members of the team.

Ben Powley
UK, Web Developer & Android Programmer

Musician, Programmer and Computing Enthusiast. Ben brings the skills and the personality. After leaving college with excellent grades Ben now has a broad understanding of many programming languages such as Ruby on Rails, PHP, JavaScript and jQuery along with a new found love for mobile development.

Ben in his free time enjoys gaming and learning new talents to increase his ever growing desire to know more. Not forgetting that he wears a bow tie sometimes and has a passion for motorbikes.

George Markham
UK, Web Developer & iOS Programmer

George has the usual web development knowledge but has a particular passion for Apple development including iOS and Mac developer. He has produce a number of mobile applications for clients located in the states and at home. George is on his way through university where is picking up increasing relevant skills.

Brandon Lewis
Netherlands, Front end web developer and designer

Brandon brings a very stylish aspect to front end design specializing in creative designs that rock each time. With years of creative experience Brandon has provided clients with a number of websites through the popular gaming CMS, Enjin. Along with studying at school, Brandon enjoys spending times developing his skills to bring clean and modern designs with more neat tricks each time.

Alexander Gordyushin
Russia, Web Developer & Systems Programmer

Alex joined the team with an overwhelming experience in JavaScript and a strong understanding for applications and systems development, and has developed a popular FTP client for the Adobe Brackets code editor, proving he skills and knowledge. Since joining later on Alex has proven a valuable asset of the team with his contact in Russia.

Plus he know Russian, scary!

Samuel Oakes
UK, Web & Logo Designer

Sam provides the team with the much needed designs and logos for clients. Offering stylish designs, the layout Sam creates allows the rest of the team to develop their software across multiple platform while still retaining the particular brand theme unified on all devices that client is looking for.

Allow with his quality design skills, Sam also has a mysterious fascination for hedgehogs.

Isaac Wright
Australia, Front end Developer & Artist

After joining our team through a job opening on our site, Isaac is quickly been introduced to the server side development work and already has a history with with front end design, development and distribution.

Along with coding Isaac has a strong understanding of website and graphic design through his amazing talent of hand and digital drawn work. Which time after time has proven outstanding, especially considering this skill set is relatively new to him

Companies & Brands We've worked with

We've the great opportunity to developer and design for big and small brands to help them achieve their finalized solution.

Why people choose us

Whether you're big or small, one or many, we are always ready to help our clients develop their digital solution across a number of platforms to provide a clean and modern system or design. With us you get consistency, quality and something that works. From personal portfolio websites for local business to major multi-system control panels. We really can do it all, and ready and waiting to work you.

With us you get brand consistency

In this modern day and age, updated and relevant information is everything, but getting your point across to your potential client or customer is only part of the online battle for business success. Brand consistency across all of your media outputs, platforms, websites and apps is important to maintaining a strong professional appearance.

And we are here to help you achieve that, our team strive to provide you with the best solution possible with your budget to achieve a noticeable increase in website and app retention. Contact us today and we can workout design and development is best for you.

We have the ideas, even if you don't

If you're not sure what you're looking for to be made, or you're struggling to get your creative mess into a written plan, then we are here to help you every step of the way with our skills set.

The power of a company, the care of individuals

Here at Element Softworks, we have a strong portfolio of quality lead project to make your lives easier as an end user, and as a client for your own projects. Our main focus rests around innovative web and software application, with our diverse range of talents and our ever expanding team allows us to provide a large array of services.

Web Design

Website structure planning and layout design through a range of tools to give a visual and documented plan. We provide a range of planning methods to ensure your site is styled and designed exactly how you want it. With Photoshop designs and brand theming available for all of our clients, getting the right website has never been easier.

Web Development

Our talented team offers beautifully developed systems such as content management systems, dashboards, APIs, e-commerce, user management and many more solutions, produced to bring your project to life in creative ways. We have worked with many frameworks, integrations, APIs and languages, do not be afraid to request what you want.

Logo/Brand Design and Artwork

We offer innovative brand and logo designs along with a range of artworks styles for your application, ranging from gaming artwork to ultra-high resolution logos, from icon designs to image manipulation inside photos. Coding is not the only thing we do, and our budding artists and designers are ready and waiting to make your ideas a reality.

Database and Website Management/Hosting

With our many successful project to date we store our final work for our clients across server hosted in multiple countries around the global. As standard, we provide each and everyone of our clients we a quarter of a years hosting free of charge, with heavy discounts for continuous hosting of websites, APIs and databases.

App Programming

With our developers experience on coded in the most popular operating systems available today we can produce your solution on any and all platforms. With a full range of skills and specialist developers for each platform available at request, producing an application or program on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS or Android has never been more easier.

Testing and Production

From start to finish, our dedicated team is here to assist you in development and refinement of your project. We can carry out the necessary step in order to role out your solution in a production environment ready for your clients to use when appropriate. If you feel any of theses services we offer are relevant to your project, then you should contact us today.

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